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We wrote the book on grid beam...

What if there was a building system so easy almost anyone could use it?

How to Build With Grid Beam
The world's most comprensive guide to grid beam. Order yours now!

What if you could build without a shop? What if you could build sturdy projects using only a couple of wrenches?

What if this building system was so easy that even little kids can use it?

That system exists, and it's called grid beam.

Grid beam is an Erector Set for the real world. Standard-size pieces bolt together to make virtually any project you can imagine. Make a mistake? Just unbolt and fix it! It's ridiculously simple, and loads of fun!

Recent grid beam news

Thousands of people saw our grid beam booth at Makerfaire, and hundreds stopped to talk. Of course our booth was built from grid beam!

Been wondering where to buy gridbeam? Check out the brand new grid beam store at, where you can purchase wood and aluminum gridbeam, flat fasteners, and more.

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